Mouse Lag/Freezing


Hey their, I’m new to the forums, but I’ll get this thread started…

My mouse has been acting up since yesterday when I decided to re-get CSGO and HL:S. Anyway, everytime I move my mouse, whether it be, left/right/up/down or in a circular motion, while walking or not walking, my mouse decides to freeze/stutter/lag for half a second or more, thus making it near-impossible to play…

So here’s my mouse:

Logitech Anywhere MX

And here are my Laptop Specs:

Radeon HD 6490M
Win7 Home Premium (64bit)
i5 2410M CPU (2.3Ghz)

Now this works perfect outside of games and even a few months back when I was playing CSS & CSGO, the mouse worked fine as well.

So I don’t know what the problem is, I’ve tried quite a few methods which didn’t end up working and have literally spent more than 5hrs trying to resolve this problem. Now If I can’t fix this, Ill probably end up buying a new mouse If necessary.

Anyway If anyone can help me on this one, that’ll deeply appreciated, cheers.

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I have that problem in Half-Life too. Its fine in every other game. I use windows 8.1, I’ve installed the mouse fix, but it didn’t do much… :c (my mouse is wired :P)


I know you said that it works fine outside of games, but are you completely sure it couldn’t just be your mouse’s cord that’s glitching and starting to break?

I had almost exactly the same problem, and like in your case it was way more noticable when playing games. But I think the reason for that is simply that you move it around a lot more “violently” and frantically than you would when just surfing the web for example.

I don’t really know how you would test it though. Try carefully bending the mouse cord in different ways while moving the mouse around slowly and calmly. If at some point it stutters or just stops reacting then that pretty much has to be the case. And if it is then there’s no other solution than to buy a new mouse unfortunately.

EDIT: Well shit, maybe I should’ve googled the name of your mouse earlier. Seeing as it’s wireless my entire post was useless… Sorry pal, but I can’t help you out then.


Could be a problem with the connection between the mouse and receiver, dunno how to fix that.

It could also be the laser pointer for the mouse. My mouse sometimes gets dust and other crud on the laser, and occasionally I have to clean it off. You could try that.


Wireless mouse? Did you try buying new batteries for it?

#6 is the strats for 8.1 (install the update if it lets you and look into the fixing it manually section).


Yep I put in fresh batteries yesterday, still the same.


I installed that, as I said. It didn’t fix it much. It only happens every know and then, but its enough to stop me playing.