More HL2 every 2 months?

Shit, said 2 in title, meant 3 :lol: QUOTE NEW HALF-LIFE 2 EPISODE EVERY THREE MONTHS?Valve Software pledges stunning support for its first-person shooter sequel, say recent reports10:44 Half-Life 2 fanatics could have plenty to look forward to in the future with reports stating that the developer has a grand plan to release new episodes for the FPS sequel EVERY THREE MONTHS!Incredible that, if Valve can pull it off, with the info emerging from an article in the latest issue of US Mag Computer Gaming World which adds that the developer has designs to deliver the new episodes in seasonal retail boxed sets in addition to release over Steam.And a few other interesting Valve/Half-Life 2 beans have been spilled as well.New details on Lost Coast from Computer Gaming World’s article reveal that the HDR-powered Half-Life 2 level ties in with the sequel’s plot and lets slip some of the back story for Ravenholm, in particular explaining the headcrab infestation. Which is, well, what we all wanted to discover really!Meanwhile, brief touch on forthcoming Half-Life 2 episode Aftermath discusses AI improvements for Rebels in connection with ‘collaborative action’ (presumably fighting alongside Rebels as in Half-Life 2) and that the episode to FOLLOW ON from Aftermath will focus on vehicles.Plus, there’s mention that the Hydra (blue tentacle thingy) which famously appeared in pre-hype Half-Life 2 footage but never actually in the game may make its presence known somewhere down the line and finally, Steam is apparently undergoing a major reworking - potentially good news for the those that loathe/loathed the system.Oh, and while not completely connected, there’s an interesting snippet of info on EA’s apparent plan to introduce a similar online content delivery service to Steam in the near future.

Where did you find that ?!

in another forum that i browse. the F2C forums.