Mission McPoker - A Not So Good SpeedRun


At last! I am showing the world my first speedrun, it was kind of rushed :stuck_out_tongue:

I completed the amazing mod in 1 minute and 17 seconds, something that I plan on improving in the future. Not much I can say but, three major flaws were:
I bumped into the face of the zombie,
I didn’t gauss boost properly,
and I run around in circles for 5 seconds because the screen is black.

It was done in 3 segments.
Let me know what you think!



Pretty cool, keep practicing!


Thanks man!


Next time recording I strongly suggest using Startmovie which is built in GoldScr, you can find the guide here: http://aogamers.com/forums/showthread.php?11594-How-to-make-a-CS-1-6-Demo-and-Movie-out-of-it (Game is different but everything is same).

Note: This method doesn’t rely on your computer.


Or just use HLAE:



Well I’ll be damned.
These frames take a LOT OF SPACE, and VirtualDub only makes things worse.
1:02 = 2GB



A solution might be to capture some segments, then render them into a Lagarith Lossless AVI (or h.264 with a really high bitrate, like 50 Mbps) and delete the raw frames, this way you’ll save a lot of space.


Holy shit.

And that’s ~50 minutes of video?

They’re all in the Targa format right?


WHAT THE… HOW many GIGABYTES does your DISK HAVE?! lol


That’s 28 minutes of 1080p 60fps video in the Targa format. My HDD is 1 TB, but I use it for other stuff as well.


I think it might be possible to use SrcDemo without the motion blur option; then you could automatically encode the frames as PNGs and the audio as FLAC, which could save some space. Or for very short segments you could use AVI (I doubt GoldSrc supports that though so it’s a tad off-topic :P)