Missing download file


I would love to play OPFOR again with uncapped speed… I wanted to play it on the NGHL client.

On this site : http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Half-Life_Expansions_on_NGHL it is saying I need 2 special DLL’s.
But the link is dead… can someone give me these DLL’s so I can go on?
Maybe add a new link to this site.

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

//Edit: Also I found an other problem… steam/steamapps/common/half-life has an gearbox folder because I own the game on steam. BUT the gearbox folder is just 10mb large. So I think it isn’t the whole game in this folder anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:


As the wiki states, this is an outdated method. Please use the latest Bunnymod XT version instead.


So everything is outdated there???

Sorry please explain it for me xP

Where can I find the game (OPFOR) on Steam? It shows a gearbox folder but there are only a few files in it.
What do I need to do with the Bunnymod? Can I use it with NGHL? Im very confused right now… xD


If you simply want just uncapped speed in OP4 whilst playing on NGHL, download this.

Follow the instructions in the readme for installation.


I did that what the readme said. But when I click on “change game” and choose OPFOR it just crashes without any message.



Did you make sure to choose ‘Opposing Force WON’ and not any other Opposing Force you might have listed there?


But I just noticed since I tried to do all this… I can’t load any mod! Everything just crashes with any mod I try.

I have reinstalled the game… and it still crashes. I can only load up the original HL now. This makes it worse. =(

What can I do now so no mod does crash now? Cuz right now I can’t play ANY mod at all. (I tried it with the Hazardous Course 2)


Restart Steam.


Im using the NGHL client. I even restarted my pc :wink:


You can use Bunnymod XT with Steam and it will work fine. Just make sure you don’t join ANY multiplayer servers when BXT is injected and running, or it will get you VAC banned.


Has anyone actually got VAC’ed from it?


I don’t know of such cases, but then the people using it were clever not to join multiplayer servers


I used to work with an old coder goes by the name Menalix,I know my ins and outs of cheats. Would and undetected version of Bunnymod be any use to yall? Or would it just cause Multiplayer hell?