Might I recommend a delightful little game called Painkiller...


I realize this has nothing to do with source…or running, but I’ve been faffing about in Painkiller:Black because its on sale, and since the game is a tribute to old games like doom and quake…BHopping is possible! Grab the demo and try it, the speed can build up a bit.


Try posting it on SDA, at Sourceruns, not much people are interested in non-valve games!


Well, I wouldn’t particularly say that. I know S likes speedrunning GTA, I believe Zim speedran some non-euclidean game I can’t even remember the name of, and I speedrun just about any game I play. I’ll take a look at it if I ever get the chance to. (or if my fucking computer decides to start working again >_>)


I’m kind of the same, I will turn my BHop script for games like Deus Ex or painkiller. I will use speedrun tricks for games like SW:DF2, or DooM (diagonal walking makes you run faster) just because they don’t walk fast enough…which is why I fuck around in Half-Life or Half-Life 2. In short, speed running is good for me because I’m an impatient bastard. -_-
EDIT:Also, what happened to your computer? [Again]