Merry Christmas Sourceruns!


I know we all have a knack for just powering through things but maybe we should make this day last eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


Merry Christmas+happy new year! o.o


I can’t wait for today to be over, because tomorrow I meet up with CyhAnide :smiley: (She’s the woman who does Chell’s Mind) Is it possible to speedrun life?


I’m not sure, but if it is, whatever you do do not attempt an SPD. Those things will kill you.


In Sweden we celibrate on christmas eve, so christmas day is just the day after christmas eve. We don’t have the tradition with stockings either. That being said…

Merry Christmas boys (and girls…)! ;D


Let’s be honest, how many girls are *actually * on SourceRuns? ;D


Excluding you?




He has clearly stated that he’s a hermaphrodite, not JUST a female!


Well, true, but he’s still a female nonetheless. Even if he is a man as well.

Kinda like Jesus was 100% man and 100% god.


So, what, I’m 100% female and 100% male. I don’t even want to begin to conceive how that works. Just think about how all of my organs would look. When I die, I suppose there’s no doubt I’d be donating my body to science.


This thread has taken an interesting turn.




Col. Stop living in the past man. Get with the times! It’s 2011 here and you’re still clinging onto 2010 for dear life.


Happy New Year anyone! Hope the 2011 will be lucky for you guys!


I’m a organ donator (which in some cases includes donating parts to science). I think that a hermaphrodite girlfriend would be awesome… as long as she can become a girl when we’re getting it on. That being said…

Happy new year SouceRuns-members! :smiley:


Perhaps… You’d like to meet my sister. If you really live in Sweden I can send her in the post in no time


Hyvää! You really live in Finland? The land of my ancestors and the land of the brave and the bold? Then you can post her in a air-tight box, so she won’t get contaminated in the transportation. Oh my own hermaphrodite, this year is starting of pretty nicely!


Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Didn’t want to create a new topic, so I will just post it here.

Oh and, our school has quarantine for a week!

Oh and, our school has quarantine for a week!

It’s got cooties. ;D