Max Payne mods


Any of you guys love Max Payne? if yes I can tell you the most awesome mods…


Go for it, champ.


1-Katana: The best mod ever with new story, kung-fu, and new weapons
2-Max @ university: another cool mod with a good story and nice gameplay
3-lightsaber 4.0: a Star Wars modification with cool weapons
4-CMP 1 & 2: A mod pack that includes over 25 nice levels
5-Fighting the war: short but funny mod with very good cinematics
6-Fighting the machines: another short but funny mod. Try it
7-High stakes 1 & 2: not perfect but good story and good mapping
8-MAX FREEMAN: a mod that includes Half-Life weapons and enemies
9-mph backstreet & backstreet 2: very good mapping and good maps design
10-Polar Paradise & Polar Payne: an awesome with a new story and with very very nice gameplay
11-Quender’s level pack: like CMP a mod pack that include various level
12-eep multy mod: a mod that allows you to play in first person…

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