Massive spam bot attack


What’s up with the sudden invasion of bots on the forum?

Maybe it didn’t require it’s own thread but hey… Why the hell not!


Dunno. Was hoping that google had bumped us up a bit due to portal 2 video’s from Demon. Wishful thinking I guess.


Changed some stuff, if it doesn’t help we can just enable email validation


But I like the bots! :smiley:


Thanks, Cameron!


Me too, they’re like… My only friends…


So I just checked, turned out there was some large influx of spam bots hitting the site, and by large I mean 15-20x larger than the normal:


What do the green and red lines mean? All I know is that about 1800 of one thing happened and 3500 of another thing happened.


Green is total page views, red is page views from known/suspect spammer IPs (labelled ‘threats’)


we need the bots for better forum activity


[me=Cameron:D]goes on an IP range blocking spree[/me]

EDIT: Also installed reCAPTCHA for registration, that might help.


Cameron is so beast!

EDIT: kinda… We’re still getting spam. :-[


Oh the irony.

EDIT: I’m leaving this for Jared.


Confound this spambots, they lead me to drink.


Can we get a feature that if we delete an account it deletes all their posts?

I’m sick of having to hit remove post 8 times to clean shit up.



So what’s the status on this? The issue doesn’t seem to be resolved. You said something about email verification, Cameron, is this precaution active now?


Yes, and has been for a while ._.


The only thing that makes this real safe is account verification by moderator. But obviously, that isn’t an option.


I could volunteer as a moderator if necessary. If not for confirming new accounts at least I could delete all the constant incoming spam threads and posts. I’m lonely enough to take the time to delete every single one as soon as I see them. :’(


I think everyone is. This is a forum for speedrunners after all.