March is Valve month?


Some new game Valve has been making will be revealed at the start of March. Check it:


Jesus, please be a single-player game.


inb4 it’s fucking nothing


inb4 Dota 3.

In all seriousness, I hope its either a single-player game or Source 2. Either of those two things will make my day. Chances of that happening are a million to one though.


Ricochet 2


Source 2 is already known about


Half-Life 3 HYPE!!!

C’mon Lord Gaben! 8)


It would be nice if we actually saw something of Source 2, instead of it just being confirmed. We don’t really have any information about it except that Dota 2 kinda uses it and some more stuff that got leaked. I just really hope we see an official presentation :slight_smile:




Were they playing Half-Life: Source in that video?


Probably Steam Machines or a controller, since those were delayed for ages.

I think he’s playing HL:S with the Dreamcast content installed, or it’s some kinda HD pack.