Map Preference Sheet


We were talking in the SR chat and I decided to make this.

It’s simple. Have a map you really, really want to run? Tell me and I’ll put your name next to it.


d2_coast_11 - Gocnak
d2_coast_12 - Gocnak, Centaur1um, UnrealCanine
d2_prison_01 - S., Centaur1um
d2_prison_02 - Gocnak
d2_prison_03 - Gocnak
d2_prison_04 -
d2_prison_05 - Matmo, Z1m, Gocnak
d2_prison_06 - Matmo
d2_prison_07 - Exec, Gocnak
d2_prison_08 - S.
d3_c17_01 - Exec, Matmo
d3_c17_02 - Exec, Matmo
d3_c17_03 - Exec, Matmo
d3_c17_04 - Exec, Matmo
d3_c17_05 - Exec
d3_c17_06a - UnrealCanine, Exec
d3_c17_06b - Exec
d3_c17_07 - Exec
d3_c17_08 - Exec, Gocnak
d3_c17_09 - Exec
d3_c17_10a - Exec
d3_c17_10b - S., Matmo
d3_c17_11 - Exec, Matmo
d3_c17_12 - Exec
d3_c17_12b - Gocnak, Exec
d3_c17_13 - Exec
d3_citadel_01 - Gocnak, S.
d3_citadel_02 - Z1m
d3_citadel_03 - S., Cameron:D, Matmo
d3_citadel_04 - S., Matmo
d3_citadel_05 - Matmo
d3_breen_01 - Almost everyone

Really, try to limit yourself to around 5 maps at most at a time as many maps as you want, but don’t be cocky. If more than one person want the same map, good! You now have competition!

We’re going to use this as a guide so that people can claim a map they want before hand, so we can take the appropriate actions towards what to do when we reach it.

No, we aren’t going to snag your segment and move on within 10 hours (unless you really want us to), but we also aren’t going to wait a month because you went on a ski trip or a kangaroo hunt or bar hopping in Sweden.

NOTE: This isn’t just for the whole map. If you want to do a segment in a map, i.e. the drawing in prison_07, just say so. We just don’t have those segments planned out yet, and I will expand when we do.


Sign me up for citadel 02 for the moment, I need to watch through prison and c17 and find the combat maps, I want to grind some of those as well.

Also just noting that this list is being made because we know there are a lot of segments coming up that some people REALLY want to be able to try, so this is your way to “reserve” a map/segment. If you sign up, we’ll make sure to wait for you to get some solid attempt-time in, within reason.


In order of preferance:
citadel_04 post elevator


I will take every c17 map except c17_10b

Also you will get pwned at c17_12b

Trust me, I will run these maps. They are my favorite ^^

EDIT: Also prison_07 first part before drawing.


Apparently people wanted me to do part of d3_Citadel_03, I don’t even know what part, but I can totally take it.


lol, looks good now :smiley:

srsly, I will have tons of time for this once we get to c17

Oh and, I made a list of segments for c17 maps, right before being kicked from skype chat for the first time.




Coast_12 and Prison 01 for now.


I’m also gonna attempt coast12


no one for breen_01? good. I want it :smiley:


5 maps per person, you already have more than 5.


I’m claiming prison 08 first segment
Also breen_01 last segment


Yeah, the original point of this was to let each person have like 3 maps max where we’ll wait on them for a couple days tops until we move on. The whole point kinda gets ruined if everyone claims every map.


oh okay, sorry. Į will do c17 then