Making final video tips


1)cl_interp switchesThis archive contains cl_interp switches for demos using VDM files. files have same names as demos and must be located in same folder with demos.So now it just need to play demos, cl_interp will switch when it needed.2)there is hl2 bug when player getting off from airboat, screen comes somewhere out of world for one frame. I think it is correct to replace these buggy frames with previous ones.There are 4 times when player getting off from airboat, so 4 buggy frames are at:-canals_05_p2-canals_07-canals_08-canals_11_p13)How to remove chapters’ name appearingGet this file to "half-life 2\platform\resource" to avoid loud beeps which are at most of demos’ beginningGo to “half-life 2\hl2\sound\common” and put there any empty WAV file (copy it from anywhere of create by sndrec32), then name it "warning.wav"5)Music shouldn’t stop on map changeSo it’s better to capture sound without music (snd_musicvolume 0) and lay music after.There is hl2dq soundtrack music tracks should be cut (fade out) to avoid playing multiple tracks at same time.


Thanks for the tips doxily, you’ve been a big help and I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Full collection of HL2 demos, including _2 demos:…;/fileinfo.htmlTricks, outtakes and glitches from the guys behind HL2DQ:…;/fileinfo.htmlHL2DQ commentary and trick guide (updated Mar 23rd 2006):…0Commentary.rardoxliy’s HL2 fix:…;/fileinfo.htmlCredits replacer tool (for HL2 outro):…tom_credits.rarExtra _2 demos for some of the earlier maps: that allows automatic playback of HL2 demos:…ic-Playback.rarHL2 soundtrack listing: HL2DQ files: on the demo recording tools:’ recamming tutorial:…oother_TutorialList of HL2 console commands: a third-person camera in HL2:…d_Person_CameraGCFScape (for browsing .GCF files):


Yes, again thanks a lot doxily! The auto-cl_interp switching will be nice. That’s all good advice for the most part. However why do you want to remove chapter names? It’s part of the game isn’t it?I just wish there were a way to get rid of the “ammo pickup” noise at the start of demos without eliminating the sound effect everywhere else in the game or editing the wav file afterwards. :confused:


isnt it possible to scipt the volume the same way you script cl_interp switches.That way you can script away the volume at every map. Sounds like a lot of work though :confused:


Chapter names should be removed because they originally appears only at _2 demos and stay only for 0.5 - 1 secong, so it’s better to remove them and display by yourself =)Ammo pickup sound may be removed also like a ‘warning’ beep, but then it will be removed from every in-game ammo or weapon pickup and this is not normal IMHO. At this time I have no idea how to remove this sound at begginning of demos AND keep it for normal in-game ammo pickup, except of manually add this sound like with music situation.


It looks like I’m just going to have to manually edit the ammo pickup myself. And yes, that makes sense about the chapter titles. I know there was a setdemoinfo command in HL1 that let you add titles to demos. Is there an equivalent in HL2 or do you just have to put in the titles in editing? Or could you put in a “displaytext” command or something in the vdm files?


yeah you can add chapter titles with vdm and it must be easier than with video editing since you can use the same font as the original with editor. this vdm is what I did for “NOVA PROSPECT”.…rkdevil_29s.rarand the setting I used for it. you must adjust X position for each chapter though.


Awesome! You guys rock. And I love this vdm format. Hmm… though it looks like I can’t use double quotes. I’ll just do two single quotes instead I guess.



bah, x posion screwed up if I changed resolution. y is in same position though.what resolution you are gonna capture with? I prefer widescreen but it’s not up to me. I can work with chapter titles (I’m having no problem with double quotes) if you could tell me what resolution you use.oh and trainstation_01 title shouldn’t be removed from txt as it’s displayed in the demo without problem.


I’m going to capture at 852x480, which is pretty close to 16:9.The x is a percentage so it does indeed change on different screen widths, but I’ve fiddled with it and have all the chapter titles working and centered now.Whenever I try to do a chapter title with double quotes it just displays no title. It’s not a big deal though. It only looks a little weird when you look at it closely. I tried the traditional " escape and enclosing in single quotes in the config file, but nothing stuck.


QUOTE I’ve fiddled with it and have all the chapter titles working and centered now.good :slight_smile:


I had mistaken the OST link for a link to the soundtrack itself so I spent the time cataloging what song went where. However I caught a couple songs you missed (and you had a few I didn’t catch) so all’s well that ends well I guess.


Soundtrack was a mistake, in canals_05 it plays HL2_song33, not HL1_song0Smoothing demos that I used for canals and trainstation which were missed


More tips:1)When map end at dark tunnel exit, screen will be filled with bright flashlight. In next demo 1-2 first frames will be not so bright as last frames of previous demo, these frames also should be removed.Maps which are end at tunnel exit:-town_04-coast_01-coast_04-coast_05-coast_092)Not every _2 demo needed (UPDATED !!!)There is list of _2 demos which I haven’t used, and run looked smooth.-canals_06_2-c17_04_2-c17_09_2-citadel_04_2


Thanks for the continued tips, especially those about not having to bother with certain _2 demos. It will save me a lot of trouble.


Hey guys. Whoever is encoding etc: here is my _2 demo for a canals map.…incus_15s_2.rarSorry I didn’t upload it before :smiley:


These tips are great :smiley:


(Can’t make new topics)How to record a demo automaticly, whenn the level starts?