Low FPS Issue


Hey guys, after taking an 8 month break from Half-life I decided to start running it again. However, whenever I try to stream it, I can’t capture it via Window Capture. So, I tried Game Capture. The stream captures successfully, but I get like 12 FPS. For the other games I stream, I manage to get at least 60fps in all games. I tried running both the Valve version and NGHL, but still got 12 fps. Is there a video setting I need to change or something?


Try obs. https://obsproject.com/


If you have a multi core processor, source games run on 2 cores unless you use commands to tell it otherwise. set two cores to your broadcasting program, and 2 to your game. That may help. I have to do that to super meat boy sometimes.


Sorry, forgot to say, I do use OBS.

How would I go about doing this? I do make Half-Life run at more threads currently.

Also, I play windowed. I tried getting OBS to capture the window, but it shows OBS and basically what’s behind Half-Life. I play on OpenGL. If I switch to Software, it shows the game via window capture but I don’t get good fps.


Start up your task manager, click processes. right click hl2.exe and click set affinity. check exactly half of your cores. if you have an odd amount set it to more then half. then right click obs’s process and set it to the other half.

Oh, and turn off display on obs and that should reduce lag as well. I hope that helps.


How are you still talking about HL2 and Source and not noticing the question is about Half-Life?


Well. I’m not proud of this.


12 fps is fast.


I played Assasin’s Creed 1 with 9.


Have you tried D3D?


Sorry for late reply, was really busy.

Yes, I tried it but I get really weird texture glitches and it’s completely unplayable. I reset all of my OBS settings…
My specs aren’t the best, but I’m still able to keep 100fps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive when I stream it… That’s why I’m so confused lol. I really want to start running this game again but this is in the way of it :frowning:


Also, my graphics card is a Radeon R7 260x OC Edition. My drivers are up to date.