Lost Coast in 0:35 - TSA


Done in host_timescale 0.3. Far off from .exe’s 16 second launch strat run, but I wanted to make run that shows off some ABH on the cliffs for fun.
At 0:23 I could have done a stucklaunch of a piece of fence to clear the door but I couldn’t get the jump spacing right in order to get a proper launch to the same height of the arch above the door. I forgot to turn off HDR and stop the hud from flashing but I think my renders are getting better :smiley:


Cool run. I kind of wish the game wasn’t so broken so this could be the normal route; it’s so much cooler. You could call this no major skips I guess, but it still looks like it has some pretty major skips lol.

Mentioning that made me curious: how does one actually do that? I wondered a few times but never really thought about it that much.




I don’t think you want to turn off HDR. You just need to add brightness and contrast. It takes some work but you can usually make the transitions pretty seamless.


Rama had to turn off HDR in the penetration run we did because when I rendered it I didn’t turn it off and each segment transition had a mild light fade in effect that made it obvious where each segment ended and began, so next one I do HDR will be off, and colour correction too I think.


No HDR absolutely sucks.


HDR looks better but if you don’t wanna put in the effort to fix the transitions then don’t use it.


DWaHMoV didn’t use HDR in most places and I think it turned out pretty well.


That’s because you haven’t seen DWaHMoV with HDR :wink:


Alright, I’ve re rendered it the whole run in 1080p using all you guy’s run rendering wisdom.


I hope this is up to the Sourceruns standard.


No HUD in 1080p version :’( . And not really good video quality (bad youtube encode ?)


Disabled hud because it flashes each segment, and using wait binds didn’t fix it, quality seems fine to me, Youtube tends to butcher videos anyway.

Also, here’s the new WR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xw9J8V1hCmQ


That is awesome.


Awesome, good job! :smiley:


Thanks :smiley: