Looking for Projects


I guessed I should introduce myself here, because I’m looking segmented speedrun projects to join. I’ve been craving to segment for a while, and I have never done it before

I’m from Finland and I don’t post messages or talk a lot over internet, and I have been lurking over a year now. I fell in love with Source speedruns after the first time I saw HL2DQ like 6(?) years ago. I tried some glitches in old version after that because they just felt so cool d: . What sparked my interest in speedrunning again was the release of dwahmov and watching people speedrun HL2 and Portal over Twitch. I’ve been running both new and old engine for few months now, and I think I have gotten pretty good with ABH and other glitches. I also have a lot of experience with the Source engine because I’ve been playing Source games since 2006 .

So yeah, looking towards to meeting new people here! d:


I’m sure there are projects you’d be welcome to join. The Black Mesa run being one of them. Though we are a bit cluttered at the moment, so I’ll hold you to that.

Anyway, welcome!