Looking for a challenge?

I made this map many months ago, and I actually wrote an extensive walkthrough for it.Yes, I know I am geeky and have no life, but I am always curious on how someone else other than the creator beat this map.So, if you have some free time to kill and want a challenge, give this map a spin. Let me know if you have found a novel way to beat this map. Just leave a comment for the map.

Oh yeah, a link would be nice…http://www.snarkpit.net/maps.php?map=1643

I will take a look when I get the time.Probably tonight.

Yes, some non-official map pack could be used as a trailer before Lost Coast is released…

Ill check this pack out, I will play it the regular way first. and If It looks good, Ill start looking for routes.I wont run coast_11 because I know maximus will snag it anyway. :)EDIT:I played the level some, its really hard. The route is pretty quick, maby 30-40 seconds. But I dont have enough health to survive the 2nd key pickup evne though I have max. (I get zapped by that big ball of energy).I can probably take them out with a grenade. anyway, is there a way to load the other parts from the console ? (or maby I got this all wrong and there is only one map).

The whole thing is just one map. This map was originally made for a deathmatch arena, but I couldn’t find any server to host the map so I converted it into a single-player one.It’s definitely challenging, but it’s beatable. It’s quite a rush, and satisfying once you beat it. You have to find a way to get the keys without getting killed. That’s the main challenge.Here is the deathmatch version if anyone is interested.

QUOTE I can probably take them out with a grenade. There is a dynamic resupply crate full of grenades somewhere in the map. It’s very handy if you want some fire power for your quick run.

I have checked the map out now, I think the time should end up around 40-45 seconds.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1981621833/sp…tice_v3_o40.zipI made it in 4 demos:First demo: (26 seconds, could be done in <20)I messed out getting out of the jail, but this is to shouw possible route anyway.crowbar might be avoided and you will save a second, I chose to pick it up.You need all the health you an get so jumping to the wall is good (you will end up with 100hp after the health pickup if properly done)smash the window and grab the key and something to fly on. (is it possible to smash the window without crowbar?)Climb the wall.satchmo, you should visit #hl2dq @ quakenet. I have some questions and I dont want to decompile the bsp.Second demo: (11 seconds, could be done in <9)Grab the grenade that he gives to you and time it right to blow all three guards up, I managed to injure them instead and played some with the crowbar.Tip the turret over (dunno if that is needed)Third demo: (16 seconds, could maby be done in 8 or so if you can fool the turret somehow, its known to be buggy if you hold something in the line of sight)Kill the guards, jump to the turret wall (and grab the health on the way), wait until it deactivates and jump for the second key, then get out as fast as possible.Fourth demo: (6 seconds to button activation, could be activated in 5 or so)Just jump/crouch out of the window and wish for good luck. Jump towards the activator at the gate.Its hard to get everything right but I think 45 secs will be done in one segment. (If someone takes the time to run this).

QUOTE satchmo, you should visit #hl2dq @ quakenet. I have some questions I’ll have to download an IRC client first. I haven’t installed one on my new machine.But I’ll download your demo now. Thanks for taking it for a run.

I tried the smc_city chapter 1 maps, really awesome, they look really good and are fairly easy to run. Maby we should take a look at this pack aswell. :slight_smile:http://dlx.gamespot.com/pc/halflife2/moreinfo_6122324.html

QUOTE I tried the smc_city chapter 1 maps I played those too, and they were fun.I just watched your run, it’s pretty impressive. You made it to the door just before you died. It’s very cinematic.

o40, I’m signed on to Quakenet. Which server are you on?

If I knew you were going to put it on your site I would have done it 1 segment.making your map in 4 segments is pretty easy.

Are you going to do a single-segment run then? If you decided to do it, you can just put it in the zip file with the same name.There was this one guy who finished my map in fifteen minutes, and no one believed him. :slight_smile:

its impossible, each upload goes in a random dir =).anyway, I wont try your map “single segment” for a while because I have other stuff to do. =)

Thanks anyway. It’s quite exhilarating to watch my map being obliterated at such blazing speed. :slight_smile:

might have a little looky 2nite.on the other hand, I might not.

looks more likely that I wont, as my HL2 isnt installed… :blink: