Logo Suggestions


Hey guys. We’re working on a logo for SourceRuns. Well, Typical’s friend is doing that, but we’re looking for any suggestions you can offer. Here’s the latest picture:


My thought is to have something in the centre of the logo. I thought an outline of the crowbar could be good, in orange and faded, just so it’s in the background. Also, something in the top-right corner of the orange… thing. Maybe take a hl2dm stick figure, you know when people are killed? If you could get one of a guy running, then put a motion blur behind him? Get something about the speedrunning aspect involved?


Anyone got any kind of picture of the HL2DM guy. Doesn’t matter what size he can remake it as long as you can make it out that’s fine.

EDIT: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v306/rocketman44/icons/th_av-3949.jpg

Are there any others?

EDIT2: He’s done something amazing.

Regular logo:

Banner logo:


Perfect. I love them. What does everyone else think?


I think we have a winner. 8)




yep, banner logo was killer :slight_smile:



New icon to be used for the not read signs. He said they didn’t look right. He’s so generous. <3

It’s got a transparent background so you can do whatever you want with it.


Thanks, I will change those icons tomorrow, after I finish the commentary subtitles :wink:


It would also look good next to the URL. Y’know how most websites have a little thumbnail which they have next to their website? Just saying.



this new design is killer 8)


Those are called a favicon. And yes, a favicon would be awesome :smiley:



He made a bunch of new stuff and rar’d it for handiness.



I like the logo and the total make-over that the forums have been through! Very very nice! ;D

My only gripe with the logo is the angle/shape of the Valve-logo. It looks so “short” on the horisontal-plane so to speak. Compare it to this if you see the difference and understand what I mean.

Either way, I’m really liking the new look of this place!


Maybe a Sourceruns avatar to use on other forums where banners arent available?


That’d be cool, we could have the running dude in the Source-logo for the avatar, but I think i’d just stick with my “british egg”.


I just realized where I have seen that ‘running dude’ before. COMPLETE FACEPALM.
This is a picture of my Logitech G5 that I’m using RIGHT NOW:


…and it was right infront of you. Haha, nice find! :smiley:




I’d like one of those :>


Me too!