list of download sites


Can someone with sticky-able powers, make a topic of all the known places where our run can be downloaded from. just so people can pick where they want to download it from etc etc.


Me and o40 plan on updating the “Video is Available!” sticky with mirror locations.


k just thort it wud be easier if it was in the main message of another thread.


It’s in the first post of a stickied thread titled “Video is Available” so I don’t know what would be “easier”. Why would we need a different thread?


ah kk. thats exactly what i meant. wasnt there when i looked lol.


Yes, when this is up, is it alright if I post it in a few forums like SP - HL2: DM and GS HL2 section (aussie hl2dm player community there)?Cheers


After the release, feel free to give download links to whoever you want.


Note to self: steampowered is chock full of do-nothing whiners. “they used exploits, it doesn’t count”"more than one person worked on it, it doesn’t count"Before they even bother to watch the run!Where exactly is all this counting towards anyway?I think they dislike it because it’s an indication that somebody accomplished something. They’re self conscience because they accomplish nothing yet want to think highly of themselves, and immediately take offense, without even bothering to view the subject material.



Same thing happened when I posted my HL2DM video there. People started commenting on it before they even watched it. I was amazed.


Yeah, I have a feeling there will be a lot more trolling in the steampowered thread. Maybe we should have kept some of the idiots there in the dark.


More of that stuff is coming in there Max <_< But then again, speed-running is a quite extreme kind of gaming and the “normal gamer” won’t really understand why or how we do things. And what we don’t understand we fear, but they should at least watch the thing before whining!I think Chomp is right about official websites of games (what he said in the other thread).I think it’s sad that they won’t even watch it, or even accept it…let’s hope HLF and gives more positive response!


QUOTE And to be fair, it really didn’t make the run any easier or faster (faster as in the finished product, not the run itself) by having multiple people run. This took OVER A YEAR to make, whereas most single person speed runs don’t take nearly as much time to produce.You probably shouldn’t have added that Chomp. Now we’re going to hear all about how this run “doesn’t count” because it took so long to make, and ANYONE can do it. They’re just way too busy dying every round in CS to waste their time to make one.EDIT: Soon after my post…QUOTE So, it took over year to make the run.A run is defined from New Game the completion including interruptions, reloads, deaths, and bathroom breaks.I almost want to just leave them in the dark about the jump bind as well. I can just imagine what they would have to say about that.


Fuck 'em. The guy complaining about exploits is a troll anyway. Read his latest post, it’s obvious he’s trying to get under our skin. The video will appeal to its intended audience, its impossible to please everyone. Although they are pissing me off to no end :smiley:


QUOTE You’d like to see a map done fast with no exploits? You mean no shortcuts, sequence breaks, tricks, anything interesting? How can you even call that skill. There is nothing about the game that is difficult without shortcuts. What do you want to do, watch someone holding down the sprint button?I remember one of your posts from a few years ago where you made the same types of “look at me” posts and tried to make everybody impressed at how good you are at HL2. It didn’t work and you were ignored, which probably explains your negative attitude towards everything.By the way, referring to your childish claim of grandeur that you know super secrets that only “8” people know (LOL at a number). If it’s so secret, it’s something that wasn’t intended by the designers, and is therefore an exploit. Wow, you’re a smart one. Also, chances are it’s not so secret either, and you’re just naive. Sorry.Your posts boil down to this: You want people to think you’re good at something, but of course you don’t want to actually be good at something, so anything actually complicated and difficult to do you consider illegal, despite the fact that every ACTUAL speedrunner in existence disagrees with you.This in turn also means that anybody who actually accomplishes anything must be immediately met with derison from you, lest they take any credit away from your imaginative and non-existent accomplishments.Eh, had to do it. I hate that guy and most of the people that posted in the thread, which probably means I also hate most of the board. How so many trolls could gather together under one forum eludes me…Oh wait, Counter-Strike. I understand now.


Ouch. :lol:I don’t think you can get through his thick skull, he’s already made up his mind. It’s a shame he’s crapping on our thread though. Make sure you vote the topic a 5 in the bottom right of the page. I think he voted it a 1…



QUOTE ( Sadisten @ Mar 28 2006, 12:50 PM)i think the video is bad. almost cheating. they are using a program so they dont need to jump themself. it is possible to jump that fast but you must press the jump button exactly at the right time and the chance of doing that for a long time is small. and the advantage they get by that program is to big to ignore.and this video is made by like 10 persons so its not really a record.if it is it should be counted as a “the fastest 10 persons can complete halflife2 by using a program as help”.some tricks where great but some of them was made thanks for the speed that they had that the program gave them.i didnt remember the name of the program but you can find it on their homepage. www.hldq.netSome dissenters at the hlfallout forums too. :stuck_out_tongue:


bare in mind guys, our “achievement” is playing a computer game in a very fast time. We haven’t been to the moon and back. (Although if we did, im sure we could do it in a very fast time)

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