Life's End in 27:27


Been working on this for a bit. Nothing special.

Have fun.


come on, this is awesome, dont underestimate yourself, you have totally beaten me, and without “cheats”


Awesome run!
But could you explain me the trick @ 14:26 where you fall without getting falling damage


Well, after this awesome mod and this awesome speedrun, check this out!

I have a feeling it’s gonna be awesome, and it’s good to see there are still people modding goldsrc, I don’t like hl2 mods as much. Also Ever since the first time I heard of Black Mesa, I have hoped for a hl1 mod that would recreate hl2 (pretty much the opposite of Black Mesa) and this mod seems to contain some hl2 maps, which will probably be awesome.

Also Arvin, I’m not exactly sure if I understood correctly, but Quadrazid explained this trick to me once. It’s some bug with 2 flags on the player, one of which tells if you touch the ground, and another checks if you can jump at the moment. the flag that allows you to jump is slightly lower than the other one, so if you are extremely quick you can jump before touching the ground. As I said, Quad told me this a long time ago, and it’s pretty complicated as to how this engine bug works, but that’s pretty much what I understood. Never managed to do it myself tough.


IIRC there were some people doing this, but the project died


I know a mod called Danger that you might like. It’s a mix of HL1 HL2 OF and maybe even BS with another POV. Unfortunately it’s all in russian.


I played Danger a couple of times. It’s good.
I understand the things there. They’re talking about the usual. People teleporting and not returning back and something they have to do to save the world.


I’m pretty sure it’s edgebug


It’s okay now.
I think it’s called the jump-bug where you have to press CTRL when landing.