Left 4 dead 2 speedurns


Hey I mention in my intro thread I speed run L4D2. I was hoping you guys could help with running this game and help me take 42 minutes of my PB to make it a sub 1 hour run. I need some help getting a bunnyhop mod and just routing in general. Not to mention this run has a good bit of potential with a lot of skips. If you want me to elaborate I would be glad to if you have questions.

Bunnyhopping is very much possible but it’s hard as balls. I mean some really hard balls. Like theres a max amount of inputs the game will receive then it wont count them at all kinda balls. That’s why you can’t use the AHK script from the wiki, or use any scripts in the cfg that will spam space for you.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIKT6FqYEms8j2fSae3huDA These guys got scripts but I’m not sure if they’re timing AHK scripts or what but I’ve asked for it and they aint sharing. Getting this script or any script for that matter would be huge for speed running this game. Out of all the skips this run has to offer Bhopping is defiantly going to put this run under an hour. A lot of the skips found on youtube have been patched by now because the verses community wouldn’t allow those to stay in the game for very long (even though they’re banned from comp play). There’s already a list of skips I can think of that would seriously help the run.

http://www.twitch.tv/p1xelfart/c/5542727: Here’s my run. As you can see watching there’s a lot of room for improvement

I just typed a 7 paragraph OP but then I hit preview and lost it all so I can elaborate on some of the skips if you want.


Alright Just finished finals and waiting in class, but I got updates:

The author of the speedrun in OP gave me his bunnymod, which is exciting as fuck. I’ve been looking for a bunnymod or script that would even work for months now, and I finally have one. On the downside full runs like mine in OP are next to impossible to complete. If I had perfect Game sense and knew where all the hunters and smokers were, it would be a different story. IC’s (Individual campaigns) on the other hand are hard as fuck but very possible. They also look really cool. I’m thinking of making a video similar to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkhaNhwkvwE. Get really good bhops on ICs and beat them fast, combine them so time is under an hour, get hate in comments saying ¨noob it was on easy¨ 8). At least that’s the plan. If anyone wants to help with segments or even do the full thing coop with me I’m always down.


can you post a link to the bunnymod?
I would gladly help you with seggments, I feel that an older version of the game should be found though,
no motionblur and more glitches is always better



Me and a friend tried torrenting a really early version, but it would crash constantly. If I can find a place that’s even hosting an older version I would love to give it a shot again.

If you want to add me on skype its: p1xelfart


Speedrun.com/L4D2 page has been updated to have its own scripted category. There is also a link in the resources tab to the bunnymod if anyone cares to do some ILs or full runs. I’ve also changed the rule set to no add-ons because you can use them to cheat the game in certain situations. In one of my very early runs I used a particle pack that would change the color of fires and hunter trails to more neon colors, but it would also make a large explosion whenever a tank has spawned giving away its position. There is also add-ons for silencing weapons so you can hear special infected better, which I think is a little unfair. I just want more of a vanilla experience than whats been usually done in mine and others runs.


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What does the ‘bunnymod’ do exactly?


perfectly times bunny hops. That’s it


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