Left 4 Dead 1 Speedruns


Hey there guys, a while back i made some speedruns of Left 4 Dead 1.

They’re pretty sloppy, but hopefully they will inspire further runs.

like i saidm they are far from perfect. besides some of the obvious mistakes, this isnt the original 1.0 release, so i cant do a lot of major glitches. i will be working on this again once i get a dvd of the original(i cant use steam because it auto-updates)


There are so many places you could have wall-strafed. Other than that, looks pretty cool, but why didn’t you post your updated video instead?


Can’t wall strafe in Left 4 Dead. Can bunnyhop.

MAY actually do it now I’m amazing at mouse wheel jumping. Maybe…


Bhopping in this game without a script isn’t hard in my opinion & you can gain some serious speed with it so I don’t see why people don’t use it.


yeah like i said its pretty sloppy. but figured someone out to get it started. heres anoter one i made showing off how non-threatening “host timescale” makes the special infected: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8Pp7spMZlY


I think Demon has one of the original versions. If I ever was going to do a run on it, it would be done on that because all of the old glitches would still be in it.


yeah, the “melee objects and then jump on them to go flying” plus “melee and switch weapon to instantly melee again” glitches make some huge shortcuts available.

i definitely need to find a 1.0 disc


Yeah. With that melee weapon spam you can easily get it going within seconds.

Left 4 Dead 2’s initial release also had that crazy flying bug where if something knocked you back and you kept switching weapons you could keep getting knocked back. This allowed you to float around.

Bhopping’s harder in that game though. Sometimes jump doesn’t go off properly.