Least Portals Segmented


Hello everyone,

a few days ago we finished this segmented speedrun of Portal done in the least amount of portals possible with a time of 13:47.640. Turns out you can finish the game with only 15 portals and it makes for a pretty interesting run with strats that you normally wouldn’t see in any other category.

It’s currently being polished and to be released to the public on the evening of May 4th on my twitch.tv stream followed by a short and brief explanation of some strats that I wanted to go over. The run will of course be uploaded to YouTube directly after the premiere on my personal YouTube channel. Maybe I will ask if it can be uploaded to SourceRuns later on but I decided to release it on my personal channel first because of the livestream + YouTube premiere combo and I won’t have the time to follow SourceRuns’ schedule.

I will post the exact time that the run will be premiered during the next couple of days on my Twitter. Keep in mind I’m in europe, so my evening might be your morning. This won’t be anything super serious so don’t expect any professional planning on my side. This will just be a fun little stream for the people that want to watch the run together with others and maybe want to learn a bit or two about the strats. It’s mostly for the people that are already in the community I imagine.

Anyway I will leave you with some useful links and some teaser screenshots.


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My Twitch
My YouTube

UPDATE: It’s out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwCY_Bwx3-g


Literally the most hype thing I’ve seen today


Even though I kind of abandoned it, working on this run from the beginning was the most fun I’ve had with this video game. I can’t wait to watch the run in full. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait. I’ve seen a few things in your livestream and it looks like it’s gonna be a really interesting watch


Wow. Super hyped, can’t wait!


I was always looking forward for something like this. I am really looking forward to that stream. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I can approve when this guy tried to fake reload with an orange portal…

Jokes aside this run is pretty cool.


I didn’t even know that was a thing lmaoooo


Restart run


Posted an update. I’ll streat the run on Thursday may 5th at 9pm CEST (Germany time).


Can’t wait!