Learning the run, a couple of questions.


So I learnt the route for Ep1, having a few issues with a couple of things so I’ll just list them here:

  1. At the very beginning, to avoid taking damage in the first few citadel areas is this a matter of reaching the area fast enough so you can’t take damage yet or some other trick?
  2. Using the episodic unpack there’s a few commands already in use on launch, I’m not too familiar with all the commands so how do I get rid of all the random text that appears on screen?
  3. For all the underground parts I’m assuming there’s also some command to see in the darkness that could just be useful for practice so if there’s something along those lines that would be great :slight_smile:


hi! I’m not too clued up on HL2 but I’m sure the answers to your questions are available already on the forums.

try here https://forums.sourceruns.org/index.php?topic=292.0
and have a look through the ep1/source threads to see if you can get your answers!
good luck! ;D

  1. You have to avoid some triggers. First one is near the crashed gunship at the start. Second one is in the pit where you fall in with the car. (showtriggers_toggle an you’ll prolly know what triggers I mean)
  2. mat_fullbright 1. Don’t use it in runs tho.


Alright, thanks for the replies guys.
I just wanted the mat_fullbright to get used to the rooms,
before learning where to use the flashlight properly.