Ladder Jumping - How to?

i use this script:CODE *v::Loop{GetKeyState,state,v,Pif state = U breakSend,{v}Send,{Up}Sleep,1}returnv=+jumpUp=+duckpress v in game to do ladderjump. they are separatley bound from usual keys (I normally use z for +duck, and RButton for +jump). replace them with your prefered keys. hope it works :)good place to test it is the end of d1_eli_02. just noclip there :slight_smile:…php?showtopic=5With this soft :slight_smile:

Heh… My “trick” ;)I found this out by crouching, and pressing LAlt (jumping lots). But others have needed to crouch lots as well :SBeats the fark outa me. Bit random.