kz_cg_venice 00:50 (half-life) SS


My first speed run i felt i wanted to upload:P
I might try for under 50 sec


Good job! I can see that movement can be improved a bit, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it was impressive for single-segment. You should try out a kz map in HL Yalter, it’s not as easy as it seems.


Yeah, I have never tried, actually.


Yeah, it’s pretty hard. I used to play on a Jump Server in Adrenaline Gamer, took me a while to set a record on desolate3 :stuck_out_tongue:


Good run, is this a pirated version of HL? Because this is impossible on the steam version.


Looks like NGHL, the non-steam Half-Life client. It is impossible on Steam, because Steam version is capped, but NGHL is using an older version with uncapped bhop speed.


Alright, could you put up a download link to your hl folder with the mods n’ stuff already installed? Because for the life of me, I can’t install mods on the non-steam version…


Thanks for the kind words everyone!

I play on the version you can download here,834.0.html


Alright, downloading.


Good run! This map brings up so many memories, I started HL running about 2 weeks ago but have been an avid cs 1.6 player / kz’er for almost a decade (which really helped get me started with HL). This thread gave me some inspiration to see what the best time i could get on this kz map seeing as i have been an old world record holder on this very map in cs 1.6 many years ago.

Heres what i managed to record:

I also used the uncapped version of HL (however in this case NGHL) using a bhop script. I’m currently working on improving my SS HLSP runs as well ^^.


That was single segment? If so, impressive!


Very nice!

HL is very sensitive to mouse movements (probably because of a higher default airaccelerate), it looks like you’re losing some speed by shaking (airstrafing) your mouse very fast at some places; HL needs a smooth touch to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for a style like this


You can definitely tell there’s some 1.6 behind that bhop. 8)

I’m as far from an expert as you can get when it comes to goldsource, but I’d say the airaccelerate is lower in HL if you can’t twitch as fast in the air. Compare it to using airaccelerate 100, where you can use 20 sens and just spin ridiculously fast in the air and gain a sick momentum from just one jump (requires some >300fps or so as well).


Well in HL the airaccelerate works differently since even with high speeds you can turn fairly well without losing speed. (even though in both games sv_airaccelerate 10 is what they use). The strafe style is what i am used to from cs but i have tried experimenting with it to see what gives the best acceleration etc. I think circle-strafing gives more of a constant acceleration where as the strafes i do if done right can give more accel but at a choppier rate. Oh and It indeed was single-segment :slight_smile:


well I don’t know, I just saw that you’re losing speed (or atleast not gaining it that fast), last time I checked CS had airaccelerate 5 (while HL has 10), but I’m not a cs player so I am probably wrong.


CS has 10 as well. That I’m sure of. 8)


oh lol, my bad, cs had 5 accelerate not airaccelerate :b

yeah, I don’t know why mouse shaking makes you lose speed in hl1, its odd.


Oh and exe, as for your link to pineapple’s bunnyrace_beta2 run, i created a single-segment run on my own just a few minutes ago :smiley: (beating his time)!


amazing :o