Just some questions


I am fairly new to the whole speedrunning thing, so I am just curious about two things: How do people transfer so smoothly between level loading (just practice/being prepared when the level loads?) and is there a way to check ticks/time of a .dem file instead of recording them and compiling them to find the time of a run or section of a run?

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I don’t know which game you are speedrunning, but I only know the demo timers for portal:

You can download the portal and portal 2 coop demo timer here:

and the portal 2 single player timer here:


Or you can type “listdemo mydemo” in console, should show the time (however incorrect time if the demo ended on changelevel).


The game is Black Mesa, sorry for not adding that xD

But thanks. Any tips on smooth level transition? Or is it literally just wait for the level to load then just keep doing whatever? Like for instance, bunnyhopping through level loads?


Good transitions is mostly a result of intense video editing. We also use a segment stopping bind that records some extra footage in the end which is required for the transition to be smooth. Oh and, there’s also a “Source Pause Tool” which I’m not really familiar with, but I think it helps achieving smoother transitions.

Read more:

Hopefully this answers your questions.


I think his question was about as a runner in an SS run, how to not get tripped up by level loads. I’ve never had too much of an issue with it but if you are having issues, id imagine you will just get more comfortable with it as your practice.



To clear it up, the question is literally, how do people maintain a bunnyhop through a level load. But from what I see here it seems as though you just restart the bunnyhop?


you are bunnyhopping with scrollwheel right? If so, you should just be able to scroll out of the load.


Is there a slight lag after a level load? If so, ‘clockwindow 0’ does the trick.


Yea, I’ll try that ^

What happens is I will pretty much just instantly be on the ground, and that probably is the lags fault.

I just tried it and apparently clockwindow is an unknown command


Oh. I understand the problem you’re having, basically the loading screen goes for a few ticks of the actual play after the changelevel. What you do is start scrolling your wheel before the loading screen disappears competely and you’ll get it.


Alright, I’ll try that. I figured it would come down to that, but I just wanted to make sure there weren’t any tricks :stuck_out_tongue: