just a suggestion

Doesnt really warrent its own topic, but I had nowhere else sensible to put it.My idea was that we upload our speed demos to this private forum? we can still have the topic in the public one, so we can see if anyone else gets a decent time, but perhaps we just say what time we have in the public forum (so people know what to beat) but upload demos into this one. The only reason I say this (its not to piss people off) because as we approach the more “exciting” maps to watch, perhaps we should not let everyone view them, so they dont know what to expect, perhaps enhancing the "suprise factor."just a suggestion, tell me what you think.

If we don’t share the demos, no one else will know what tricks they should try to perform while running. Besides, I’ve always considered HL2DQ an “open source” project, meaning that anyone can view the demos and if they are able to beat them, their demo will be accepted.

Only the people with retail hl2 and a big interest in this will look at the demos. All the people that played through this game once (single player) will be pretty surprised. I believe many people pirated this game so there will be plenty of people to surprise.

No. This is an open project. Just warn them…

k, spose your right. was just an idea anyway.