Its Still Alive!

Wow, I can’t belive I found you guys again. I had went away for a few weeks and came back to the site not working. I thought it was something at my end for a while, then tried searching for the site from google, but didn’t find anything, so gave up. I searched for it yesterday on a whim after however many mounths, and low and behold, its alive! I am very happy now, I would have hated to see this die. So anyway, enough of my amless rambling, BACK TO WORK whip crack. I want to see this done by Christmas :stuck_out_tongue: .(Hmm, looks like times are improveing. I used to be able to have a chance at getting close to almost somewhat near the time of the best runners. Now I doubt I could even to that)

Yeah, we’re still alive and kicking! :slight_smile: And yes, times are getting much faster that they were during Phase1…it’s a much higher standard these days :DI can’t keep up either :stuck_out_tongue:

the quality of the runs are really really high. Thats why ots going that slow at the moment. And with the holidays and all. I hope we will be doe with this in march. The city17 runs is more fun than this prison area.

welcome back :Dyeah I must admit how frustraiting the phase2 is, compared to the phase1. you have to running again and again to get a decent time because hl2 physics is so complicated.btw maybe we should advertise this site more to bring some missing people back :slight_smile: