ISP being shit


So our ISP here at my dad’s place decided to drop our 100 mb/s down to 0.25 mb/s.

Why? Because customer support told us that our ISP thought my dad was sending spam through his email (and obviously, he’s not)…

It’s Friday afternoon and all of a sudden they just dump this shit on our internet connection. Being afternoon and Friday means that no one can fix our problem because everyone at the support has gone home for the weekend.

Why didn’t they tell us? Oh but they “did”! They sent us a fucking letter via the slow ass mail on the SAME DAY (Friday), meaning that the explanation for why our internet connection (that we pay a fuck ton of money to have in our apartment) is slow as shit, won’t show up until later next week. Genius, right?! It’s not like they could’ve… Oh, you know… CALLED OR EMAILED ABOUT THE SITUATION BEFOREHAND?! So if we hadn’t called, we wouldn’t even have known what was going on. And this was after having desperately tried restarting routers, computers and messing around with ipconfig and windows troubleshooting for forever.

Oh and all of this this is the SECOND TIME it’s happened in one month now…

Seriously, is this even legal for an ISP company to do?


I’m pretty sure it isn’t. Though there’s all this stuff with the FCC trying to reclassify ISPs so that they can make certain websites slower. Not sure if that actually went ahead or not. My internet has been really slow too lately; it’s a real pain, but to be honest I think it’s just my area having bad internet coverage anyway. Very frustrating.


Dunno about Sweden but UK ISPs *always *promise more than what they can give.

At the moment we’re paying for 16mb/s and only get 3mb/s at best. This is the case for like 85% of ISPs in the UK and still nothing is being done about it.

As for reducing speeds significantly, it’s apparently a popular thing for ISPs to ‘throttle’ your internet even if you’re on an ‘Unlimited’ deal, which basically means that if you’re regularly downloading shit tons of stuff and your ISP doesn’t like it, they’ll reduce the maximum amount of speed you can get. Not sure what the laws are but I can’t understand why it would be legal to allow a company to significantly reduce the quality of the services they’re providing customers despite promising no less; it’s false advertising which IS illegal.

Still, going from 100mb/s to 0.25mb/s is ridiculous and completely unreasonable even if there was some cause for it…

I highly doubt this is the truth. Seems like a generic excuse that they use when people actually make complaints about them having their connection speed reduced.


Huh, I didn’t know this stuff was going on with ISPs… My ISP here doesn’t do anything like that and provides a speed a tiny bit over the one specified in the plan. Sometimes the internet drops due to repairs, but that’s very rare and like for half a day.