Is this known? Are there more ways to do it? Is it exclusive to this game? [BMS]

So I’m working on my own humble segmented run of Black Mesa Source. While trying to find out different ways of object boosting in black mesa, I came across this. It only seems to work when I’m running AHK and I don’t know if this is a very niche scenario or if it could be a substitute for wallclimbing to some degree. So the question is: Does this work in other games? Are there other props to do this with? Is this new?

Crouch-Jumping onto the trashcan that was being pushed into a wall, holding my AHK jump button and flinging my mouse upward produced this. It’s possible to do it much faster and, therefore higher but I don’t have much time for these things anymore and thought this could benefit the rest of the SR community better than I.


2 things

  1. That looks really cool. Its like some uber wall climb, but you are probably doing a vertical Object Boost, which if i’m not mistaken worked in HL:S.

  2. your sig is FAR too large, IMO. It’s a damn cool picture, its just huge.

Either its a wallboost (also known as Brute Launching) or a trick I’ve found called Prop Boosting (involves grabbing and flicking as well).

Prop boosting is easy to get everytime while Brute Launching involves a lot of luck in order to get it, most of the time.

His way of saying, Yes it can be used in other games and isn’t exclusive to BMS.