Is there anyway to get rid of multiplayer? and help me about TAS


I’m doing TAS with BXT in maps where we have to click “Create Server” in order to play and making miracles on the maps. How do I get rid of “multiplayer” things such as saving, framerate, etc? And by the way, BXT TAS that I make sometimes doesn’t work correctly even though I don’t change anything but the cl_yawspeed in some cases. In paricular, its speed and strafe don’t sync whenever I load the script. For an example, the first time when the script is loaded, it will perform differently from the second time and at the third time, it will be as same as the first time. So in conclusion, if I want the script to run like what I’ve expected, I have to load it 2-3 times ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’m used to it so if you have any ways to help me use it better, please teach me and last thing, I’m using Steam version


Just load the map name via console. The Create Server button just creates a singleplayer session with a higher number of maximum players, which is usually 1.