Is there a way to remove the "missing texture" texture?


So everyones seen the gross pink and black squares. And i was wondering if there where a file i could add to a source game, that replaces those with a translucent image. a blank image just as a placeholder so i dont have to see those eyesores everywhere.


Its under “hl2/materials/Debug” and it’s called “debugempty.vtf”

Get this:

rename toolstrigger.vtf and toolstrigger.vmt to debugempty.vtf/vmt and replace them. It should just make the missing textures see-through.


Thank you. You just blindly helped me fix a MASSIVE issue with hl2 done portal’s unpack release.

I can’t actually say it helped as I havnt done it yet, but tomorrow when I can get to my PC I’m sure it will.


I have gone in and done what you said to no success. I still get pink/black squares everywhere. When I release the next beta build of hl2doneportal unpack look at c17-03. The missing textures are EVERYWHERE. (Will be uploaded tomorrow probably)


Might be a SourceSDK thing, I remember it working when i tried it.


I’ll toy around with it more. But I had no such luck