Is there a mod to show your view at the ghost body when edge or saveglitched?


If so, please provide a download.


No there isn’t, at least not one that I know of.

Even if there was, it would be kinda cheaty.


Would be cool for routing tho


portal_draw_ghosting 1 will allow seeing outlines of portals through walls. That would let you see where you fire your portal to from a specific spot. it should help you navigate. also, going right behind your blue portal (via noclip, or likewise) will let you see your other view.

Hope i helped. also hope im not necro-posting too bad. I feel like knowing these things should be common knowledge for runners. which is why im chancing getting spanked for necro-posting.


This command doesn’t exist for me at least.


I’m pretty sure it’s on unpack. If not then its a 2013 engine command. I’ve never actually used it.


it’s in portal 2 and it’s on by default. but i guess no one really seems to see the difference between the games, seeing as modifying portal funneling is allowed in portal 2 8)


Lmao, what fuck is your problem m8?


Doesn’t exist on steampipe either so I’m pretty sure it’s only in Portal 2.


Evidently so.