Is Bunnyjump legal?


After downloading NGHL, using bunnyjump (holding space) instead the mwheel made life a lot easier. I was wondering if it’s legal for SRL races, also would it be considered a script?

E: Hopefully this hasn’t been asked once before…


No it is not legal as the automatic bunnyjumping is because NGHL automatically puts a bhop script in your userconfig.cfg


It is legal if the race is “scripted” category.


oh i thought srl was non scripted only and i know it means speed runs live i think


You can specify custom goals so basically whatever you want.


What Yalter said, it’s really that simple.

I’m hoping actually the singleplayer speedrunning “mod” could standardize a compromised middle ground category with a small specific set of custom scripts like jump on special loop, duck on special loop, gauss blast ect.

Pretty much exactly what you would to expect, basically take for granted, of any official league or competition for TFC or AG (or any goldsource that game wasn’t CS essentially). Those communities all allowed scripts and had REGulations on them; the players overwhelmingly accepted the pros and cons as what they were for a better gaming experience in whole, (and no need to turn to scripting via hardware, such as mousewheels).

These communities never had the same mass LCD following like simple small learning curve games such as CS had, thus not the same money and very little to no sponsored LAN tournaments, and thus no way to enforce scripting or scripting via hardware bans, they were organically spawned from home enthusiasts playing at home, pretty much only and always. Goldsource Speedrunning spawned from those exact same communities and players playing the same game engine under the same circumstances and pretenses; it only makes sense to do the same thing.

More on mod ideas later, cough green light