Is anybody gonna speedrun Portal Stories?


So, Portal Stories: Mel is getting released June 25th. For those of you that don’t know, it’s a standalone mod of Portal 2 set between Portal and its sequel.

Is anyone actually gonna run this? I’ll play the game through and then I’ll see if I can find some routes and skips. Anyone else doing this? :smiley:


I’ve been looking forward to this mod for ages. Though I’m not good at routing with portals, if someone is going to make a run out of it, I’d gladly be a part of it.


I heard some people were gonna blind race it on release. But yeah, considering that Aperture Tag got a lot of attention(for a short period of time anyway) from the Portal 2 community, I’d assume that there’s gonna be quite a few people speedrunning this as well.


I have no experience with Portal 2 but I will play the mod and looking out for strats lies in the nature of every speedrunner, so obv I am going to do that.


I have been waiting for this mod ever since I heard about it, So I’m gonna do like manint71 and try to route for it after I’ve played through it.