Hey gents. Typical and I did an interview yesterday, went really well, covered a lot of stuff, view it here!



Rate, comment and subscribe to him, he is pretty awesome :smiley:


Najs : )


I hate listening to myself talk. I do find it quite painful. :stuck_out_tongue:


We all hate listening to your voice, but we cope. :smiley:


Haha, that was pretty fun to listen to. Nice work guys! :slight_smile:

Indeed everybody hates hearing their own voice… even James Earl Jones.


Haha, I just noticed I fucked up in the interview :stuck_out_tongue:

At 0:43 I accidentally say “inexistent” when I meant to say “existent”


Wow that was awkward… My Psychonauts run got mentioned :3. And Tooley, you beat my time while drunk… Using the wrong save, y’know.


That save was harder to play with than the correct one. How many times must I handicap myself before you realise you suck. HARD! ::slight_smile:


Is that a mention of me? :>
Either Cameron or Cameron D will do :wink:


lol, I thought it was “Cameron


I miss Jared’s over the top moderation. IT FUCKING WORKED! ;D