Did anybody else get this PM from UKjourno?QUOTE Hi,Sorry to bother you! I’m writing an article about game speedrunning for PC Zone Magazine in the UK, and was wondering if you could send me a few comments. Questions below.My deadline is quite tight - any chance you could send me something as soon as possible?You can email to: pavelbarter@eircom.netRegards,Pavel BarterPC How did you get involved in speedrunning, and how many times have you played Half-Life 2 at this stage?2. What kind of preparation goes into one of your speedruns?3. Can you give us an example of some of the coolest glitches and shortcuts in Half-Life 2 which the speedrunning community have discovered, but regular HL2 fans may not know about?4. Do you hold any personal records?5. What, in your opinion is the best HL2 run, and why?They picked a horrible time for me to sit down and answer these fully, as I’m packing today…

not me.But I can answer the questions if he wants more interviews.

Cooooool !! I used to read that magazine!! :smiley: .I think it would be best if we all contributed to the answers if thats possible, as its a group project. Unless you want to do it personally max.oh, and ask which months issue it will be in. I want to buy it :Dcould we perhaps include lots of answers for each one. so for example, for question one, we could have:Max: i found the forum and decided to give it a try blah blah blah.o40: i was looking for porn and accidently downloaded the speedrun vid, blah blah blah.LX: i invented it, blah blah blah.something like that? :S(o40 - :smiley: )

The only problem is I wouldn’t want to overwhelm him with responses since he’s only looking for one interview. I’ll probably end up answering his questions tonight and making a comment that he should probably get some responses from some of the other runners. We’ll see what happens.

k, sounds sensible I suppose. He could still pick and choose just a few of each answer though. anyway, speak to him and see what he says.

sounds good to me.

So maximusX will be famous I guess - maximusX & fatal1ty… :wink: Just give good answers but not to long. I wonder if it will be published?


I got an email from that mag over a year ago. But at the time, they said they wanted to hold off until the run was finished so they could include it on a CD packaged with the mag. I have no idea if this is the same person or not.

I first found out bout hl2dq by getting one of the ravenholm runs off the front of that mag.

QUOTE Hi Robert,Really sorry, but I filed my article last night. I’d mailed bandit5k at thestart of the week and didn’t recieve a response so now wish I’d contactedyou from the beginning!It’s a shame because your comments would have been ideal. Thanks anyway forthe response - gave yr forum a good plug in the article.Happy St. Patricks Day!Best,PavelPC, too bad ;[

QUOTE (Max|I|muS-X @ Mar 16 2006, 06:00 PM)Did anybody else get this PM from UKjourno?It looks like this guy did too:;num=1142401379

Is your Half-Life 2 computer not connected to the internet? Updating your copy of HL2 seems like the easiest option. And you can always wait for the video. But if those aren’t possible and you ask doxliy nicely, he might create a current version “backup” for you, though there are no guaruntees.

I’m connected to the internet, and I’ve even tried deleting my Half-Life 2 folder and re-installing via steam. I just tried using Steam to validate my game files, and it looks like everything is good. Even 64-bit mode is active. Still no luck with the demos, I’m afraid. Oh well.Thanks for the quick reply… I’m happy to wait for the video, but it’ll be an exercise in patience! I’ve been hooked on speed runs since you did HL1 in 45:45. In the new run, I love when Max]I[muS-X finishes the canals on foot, pallet, and exploded barrel parts. That had me rolling.

I managed to get the Post-Update demos to play! 64-bit mode was the problem. If anyone else is having a problem with them, you’ll need to force HL2 into 32-bit mode. Here’s how:1. Start Steam.2. Go to My Games, highlight Half-Life 2 and click Properties.3. Click Set Launch Options…4. Add this: -32bit5. Click OK.6. Close Half-Life 2 Properties.7. Start Half-Life 2 and run the demos by pressing Shift+F2 to bring up the gui.Happy viewing! :slight_smile: Nice work everyone on the run!