Infinite health speedrun?


I recently went into my skill.cfg and found that you could make headcrabs do -500 damage to you with ease, so, here’s where the infinite health part comes in, set the negative damage value to whatever, find the first headcrab in the game, get infinite health (practically) and then damage boost everywhere. If it came to it, I could release a shitty speedrun of it, maybe around 45 minutes, still getting used to everything. Oh yeah, and if you do make a speedrun of this, sv_airaccelerate 9999999? For better control? :smiley:


no sv_airaccelerate changes pls.


Better make that infinite health, infinite grenades.

Although just seeing boosts everywhere would get kinda boring I think.


Maybe change the bhop script so that it has a constant give weapon_handgrenade? It’d be fun to just see how much you really can do with damage boosts. The infinite health door was pretty crazy, but imagine how much you could do throughout the whole game? I’ve been running through with infinite health and grenades, and it’s pretty crazy even with my limited route knowledge.


Pf. sv_sethealth 13371337 :>


Should do a no-walk run; infinite boosts, but no W S A or D pressing allowed.


Seems better. Nice idea. Would be a little odd getting through xen.


Or you could unbind all the movement keys except for jump, and bind both walking forwards and jumping to the same key. So, any other suggestions, no weapons? Pistol run? Gauss gun only, grenades?


In the jump script have a constant impulse 101 running as well as +jump inputs.
sv_accelerate 0
sv_airaccelerate 0
Change anything in skill.cfg (damage of your explosions and weapons, make suit chargers and batteries do nothing, make enemies do negative damage.)
And then use any means possible to save time through damage or just gauss boosting.