Individual level runs


So im way to lazy to run all of half life 2, but i still like to play the game. So i thought it might be a good idea to make a thread where people can post there IL runs.

If there turns out to be any interest for this then we should probably set up some rules.
I propose that every run should be started from whatever point is given upon entering “map name” into console.
Other than that i dont really have any strong opinion so feel free to chip in with ideas.

I guess i should start things of. Map d2_coast_11 done in 37s:


On the Half Life 1 leaderboards you can submit individual Chapters, that might work better.


The start looks real nice, good job.


That could be really cool now that you mention it. It would also be good way to learn the game without having to do complete runs


I feel like this could be a thing for portal as well.

On that note, I might get into running HL2 if its legal for me to run it like this instead of sitting down and running the whole game. Its just much to long for me to speed run it as a whole.


HL2 used to have a IL leaderboard but it was never ported over to Some moderator could do it. (Maxx already did it for HL2EP2)
Also you could add chapter runs as well.


ILs added to leaderboards.


Are demos an acceptable form of submission?

Also for the run that i did of coast_07 i used spt_pause, just because the game sometimes stutters and can just generally act strange when you spawn a map.
Would you say this is acceptable or no?
also in order to use spt_pause like this, you have to make a manual save at the beginning of the map which makes it even more dicey.


Demos are fine, using a save seems kinda weird so I’d say just use the map command, you’re usually stuck in the ground for a few seconds after the load so that should be enough time to adjust. I personally haven’t experienced the stuttering so I don’t know about that.


Maybe you can use the experimental SPT timer to time menuing.


Well I don’t think you’d ever want to pause during ILs in HL2 so I don’t see it being needed.