Holy shit, this movie blew my mind, who else has watched it, I’m going in to see it again tomorrow.

Edit: lol at the time I posted this ^


I’ve seen it twice!. It’s pretty fecking sweet.


Saw it, enjoyed it, but wouldn’t take it on as my new religion or whatnot. Nice movie, but ends there. ;x


When was the last time you took a film on as a religion? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t seen it yet, but I definitely want to. The problem is that movies are re-dubbed in Germany and it’s kinda hard to find a theatre that shows the movie in its original language.


I saw it a few weeks ago, it’s awesome!


I saw it a week ago and I loved it! I’ve seen all of Nolans movies (including his first feature-film Following, which is low budget but still very Nolan:ish and very good, and his shortfilm Doodlebug which can be found on youtube). I’m a huge fan of Nolan but Inception still managed to live up to the hype. I’m going to see it at least one more time, if not two or more.

Maybe this is just a dream?


Yeah, Nolan is pretty amazing, I saw Inception again today, I understand the story much better now, and holy shit, I still fucking loved every moment, maybe I’ll go see it again :smiley:


The OST to this film is awesome, and I went and saw the film again yesterday, I thought I understood it well the first time, but it made even more sense.


This is a first, I went back to the cinema to see the movie a 3rd time.


It wasn’t that good. ._.


I saw the first Harry Potter film like 4 times when it was in the cinema’s. :-\