Imagine Half-Life physics IRL


Would be awesome.

Run around at massive speeds by jumping, fly through the air on a splinter of wood, land in an inch of water and you don’t injure yourself.

Would be kinda fun :smiley:


Just don’t mortar jump :stuck_out_tongue:


I would just break the olympics.


Quicksave abuse irl ftw :slight_smile:


I would abh your mum.


50m longjump score…
I suppose you could do races that are 5000m long instead of 500 etc. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pole vault:

Preparation: take your pole into an elevator, make part of it stick out whilst going up the elevator (down’t worry, this is half-life; the pole won’t break).

Execution: Put the pole on the ground next to the bar. Jump on it. If you did it right you will now fly hundreds of meters up into the air (Cool: 1 meter is ~3 feet) - hopefully in the correct direction - and hopefully you’ll land without dying as well.

Congratulations, you just shattered the world record.


Or you could simply fly on the pole. I have proof that you can use it.






There was some spam. I was mad.



Guys, what would you say about an Speedrunning IRL movie? And by that I mean exactly what the thread name suggests, the physics from source/half-life IRL. Like you’d see somebody fall from a tall building but land at the correct angle of a barrel and survive, just see somebody gaining crazy speed from bunnyjumping on a field for example or somebody exercising the flying glitch IRL. I’ve always wanted to make one, it’s just a shame the target group is so small and it’d require a lot of work on special effects.

But since I atleast think you people would be interested in seeing it, maybe I’ll make it anyway just for fun?


You should! I’d love seeing that ladderfall ;D




Do it!


That settles it! Dunno when I’ll even start working on it but hopefully sometime this summer! :smiley:


This could turn out really awesome.


Oh yeah I want to see that movie.

If only we had a Portal Gun IRL, then we’d be able to go OoB.


I’ve been wanting a real movie with bunnyhopping etc for a long time, please do it if you can, would be definitely appreciated.

Now that would be weird and awesome and awesomely weird awesome :smiley:


Darwin, I’ve found the perfect place for you to record your IRL HL movie! ;D

Half-Life in real life gallery