I'm Invading Scotland


Okay fine Staffordshire not Scotland. I’m moving up there so I won’t have internet for quite some time.

Hopefully by the time I’m connected back up again I’ll have the rest of the HL:S maps finished and will have made a decision concerning EP2 backdate’s. :smiley:


I hear in Scotland they have monsters in their lakes and grown men wear skirts. You might want to reconsider.


GOD DAMMIT Hurry back ok :frowning:


It’s actually only one monster and Josh has it. He has also made all of the male population wear skirts so that it won’t attack them.


Hey guys. I’m online in a library at Stafford. This is just a message saying that the invasion is going pretty good and I should be back online on Thursday.

Also Jared I finished the HL:S maps up to Xen. :smiley:

EDIT: We’ve mastered tethering and we have temporary shit internet which me and my room mate have to share. Thought it was worth mentioning.


No neighbors have wireless? :<


The neighbours are really far away and they have WPA2. >.>






Oh joy.