So, 2 years ago, I got me a Logitech M510 for Christmas. Now, it is refusing to allow smooth and accurate side to side movements. Any ideas on what mouse I should get once it finally craps out and just refuses to work at all? PS: I like the extra buttons (mouse button 4 and higher)

EDIT: Should have mentioned, would prefer a low price.


Well, you should define what a “low price” is but I bought the SteelSeries Rival in January and it’s honestly the best mouse I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a fair share of different mice in my days). Really, really recommend it.

Another mouse that’s pretty good is the Roccat Savu and that one might be cheaper.


Just replace the mouse feet with new ones and/or get a new mousepad for gaming.


Just get G400s, so you won’t go through pain and suffering of getting used to new shape, and it’s also pretty cheap.
And since you already have M510, I would replace the cover because this fancy blue one that G400s has looks kinda shitty imo.


Yeah, I should have. Would prefer something around the 20-50USD range. Nothing more than 75USD.

The problem is with the laser, it just hates side to side movement, unless I have it on a hard dark flat surface. I’m on a laptop, on a couch.

EDIT: Closing thread because I have found a mouse. For those that are curious, this is what I got -
A Diablo 3 themed SteelSeries Rival