I though this game was pretty sick



right click




I don’t know what I just played, but it was awesome.


Just got 129 on Cursor Invisible. I feel awesome.


Just got 270 on Cursor Invisible. I feel even more awesome ;D


Can’t get higher than 1, my mouse decides today is “double-click day”

It does that sometimes when it’s cold


You sure you’re not just shivering. ;D


Would be one awesome button-bash technique then!


Heh. Can’t wait for the segment in Half Life where that’s the optimum strategy.


This game is too easy to play with touchscreen. For example, I just scored 531 hits, when my eyes just couldnt see a thing.


Why did you fail?


Because his eyes just couldnt see a thing.


Yeah, his hand was covering the tablet.


No, I got hypnotized by those flashing plates and that calm music :smiley:

By the way, flashplayer is a bit laggy in smartphones, so it was hard to know when you hit the plate.


So, I returned to this game today, and


They give you way too much time


wtf centaur1um you still haven’t hidden that stupid menu bar


omg fine it’s gone


<3 I can now view your browser screenshots in peace.