I think I found a new use for save deletion


If you do save deletion with the autosave that triggers when you walk into the area in A Red Letter Day to get the crowbar (or, preferably, skip the crowbar), the door behind you disappears. If you walk through it, hit that loading zone, the “A Red Letter Day” text comes up, and then walk back out the door and load, the Combine foot troops’ AI stays stuck in the “Nothing interesting here, move along” mode that they are in at the start of the game. Shooting them doesn’t snap them out of it, but I’m pretty sure using save deletion again would. (I haven’t tried any other methods to get this to work, so walking back and forth through that doorway probably isn’t needed, but there are barrels there if you are having trouble wallclimbing with a pallet.)

Don’t expect me to stick around for long, I’m scared of forums just a random viewer who found something. Anyway, have a nice day.

Edit: This only works if you do crowbar skip. Not something any of you should be worried about, but hey.
Edit2: This also breaks if you don’t do the first wallclimb in Route Kanal. I should probably explain how I think this works: all the triggers for “now the Combine start shooting at you” are skipped. For instance, the part where you break through your first planks with the crowbar and the music starts, and when you jump across the train and up the ladder in that spot in Route Kanal.


If you could do the same thing in canals01 it would make the rest of canals easy because all the combine would ignore you.


You don’t even need to: I just played (edit: on the current Steam version with Source Pause Tool loaded) to that point and the glitch sticks assuming you use speedrun strats and don’t use save deletion again. Combine foot soldiers still ignore you. However, nothing else does: zombies, headcrabs, manhacks, barnacles, choppers and I’m pretty sure tanks are all enemies that want you dead, but Combine troops (even the ones with SMGs) are just civilians you’re allowed to shoot. (And I’m guessing that only includes the ones with grey and white color scheme, not the prison guards, advanced all-white guys or the shotgun dudes. I haven’t played far enough to verify that, though.)


Nice work finding this. I’ve messed around with it a bit and can confirm it works. Unfortunately whilst it seems somewhat useful from canals_01 to canals_04, the time spent moving between the maps and inability to save delete for the crowbar on canals_01 appears to be an overall time loss. I’ve also given some thought to using the same trick on other AIs in the game, but I can’t think of anything who’s AI state changes during the run apart from Antlions.


Nice find. Keep it up man! 8)


Just to confirm for anyone who may want to play around with this in the future, save deletion at any point resets their AI (to being aggressive) and the only NPCs it affects are metrocops (white masked combine with pistols, stun sticks or SMGs) and the rocket tank things (I guess because there’s one on trainstation_02? I thought it was just a prop by maybe not)


I knew if you loaded map tS06 then went back for a barrel to try the speedrun strats the AI would glitch, didn’t know save deletion would as well (though it sounds obvious now)