I need no introduction!


j/k, Hey all! glad to see the community is still growing. Finally made an account here, and ready to get more active in speedrunning.


Good to finally have you here, welcome!


Great to have you on the forums! I look forward to seeing you around :smiley:


Great, now I can finally ask… Have you played Team Fortress Classic in a clan before? I saw a guy named SpiderWaffle in TFC once.

gl hf


Ya I clanned tfc a lot from 2002-2006. I mostly played A/D style in ADL.


You’re a Half-Life veteran :O.


I played CS initially with my friends a lot when it was out, often on a friend’s PC at a LAN since didn’t have one, back then I thought TFC was a weird game and kind of lame, everyone was playing CS.

One time I was playing epicenter and there was this guy rocket jumping the flag and bhoping it, back before 1.08, and beating the other team’s lama scout there. I was so intrigued since I always liked the idea of rocket jumping. Kind of got me hooked and seeing conc jump shortcuts, my imagination went wild with the 1337ness of it all the creativity I could imploy. Found my self playing A/D style soon and loving it.