I have finished the assignment


3 hours before deadline, didn’t hear a single thing from my groupmates.
So I finished it by myself.

They still have one minute to contribute though


They can write the contents page.


and then you guys tell me I’m the one making useless topics O.o


Godamnit kid. Can’t you see it’s a cry for help!


Have you tried contacting them by phone/SMS? It’s a bit late now I guess… What was the assignment about? I would love if the topic was “Group dynamics and teamwork”, that would make my day :wink:

Also TYPICAL, you’re close to 666 posts. Be aware!


Topic was some SPSS assignments. Test statistics and shit.


SPSS: Single Player Single Segment.

Will you credit your groupmates or what will happen now?


Oh it was Single Player alright.


And I imagine you speedran the assignment.


Nah I worked pretty slow because I got distracted by lots of things.

It also wasn’t single segment.