I found you!

Hi guys, I used to contribute to the run back when it all started from a few posts on the speeddemosarchive (I think that’s where it started, i know a lot of guys that worked on it came from there :unsure: ). I thought this was gone because I went to the old .tk address and it wouldn’t load. I googled hl2dq and I only found marshmallows 2:14:xx run. I thought maybe you gave up or something. I have some questions:1. I assume updates to the source engine ruined all the original demos, yes? Did you have to start over on phase 2?2. Is the stuttering fixed? I saw the sticky topic from valve, looks like it might be a bit…3. What new tricks have been found, or any MAJOR shortcuts? The last I remember we were on canals in phase 2, and flying was the last good trick found.4. Who here remembers me? Does lightningx still run, i don’t see his name on any of the current demos and he was pretty fast? Has anyone changed their name that I might recognize? thanks.I might try and help in phase 2 but I’m rusty, so I doubt I can top anyone’s times.

Welcome back Chomp, you missed lots ;PThere have been a bunch of new big and little shortcuts found, and the run should be around 1 hour 45 minutes or less. To answer your questions:1.) The latest update has made viewing the old demos a little tricky, but we found a way around it. Doxily made (or I think he made it, anyway) a fix that you can download and run to emulate the old HL2, to watch old demos. You can download it here, read the .txt for help.http://files.filefront.com/hl2v7b2455backu…;/fileinfo.htmlYou can download demos from coast_03 and up on this site (each in their respective thread). Make sure to select “from ‘the beginning’” at the bottom of the list of threads when searching. Here’s a link to download all demos from BEFORE coast_03, you’ll need to use the fix to watch them though:http://files.filefront.com/HL2_Collectionr…;/fileinfo.htmlI made a special “reworked” version of trainstation_02 since lonerville’s bhop accident bothered me so much, you can get that one here:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/801201656/p2_…aximusx_25s.rarAll demos after coast_12 are using the latest patch, all demos before that need to be viewed with the ‘fixed’ version.2.) The stuttering was definitely improved, but some people still complain of jittering. I haven’t really noticed any though, maybe I’m just used to seeing it :P3.) Well, nothing as groundbreaking as flying, but check out the demos to see what tricks and shortcuts we’ve used so far. Although, I might have a method to sort of squeeze through solid objects, as I’ve done it by accident with the gravgun a few times in the current map, prison_05. Of course, I ended up just getting stuck in the wall rather than through it, but you never know.4.) I remember you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lightning doesn’t run anymore. He sort of stopped after trainstation_04, was busy with school and stuff and waiting for town and coast. When the end of canals came along he made a brief reappearance, ran some maps, but had a hard time keeping up with some of the new guys I guess and got busy with school again. He still peeks in once in awhile I think, and I still have his AIM name, he just doesn’t run anymore. By the way, he did take canals_13, so he does have a record on there.Lonerville up and disappeared after trainstation_03, nobody has heard from him again. Hopefully nothing happened :blink:Suga as you might know hasn’t been able to run since p1 because of hardware problems, but come prison_01 he has made his reappearance and is now running again :slight_smile: He’s already got two and a half maps to his name so you know he’s back with a vengeance.Bandit5k said he was unable to run HL2 with the latest patch, and hasn’t ran a map since. Before then, he had been tied with me for most runs in the project, so losing him was a pretty big hit on our runners. What I don’t get is, I made a thread specifically for him showing that he could still play using the fix doxily made, SAW him reading it, but he left and never made a response. I suspect he just got tired of running and used the latest patch as a non-conflictive way of leaving, but who knows.DaleLewill still is pretty active in the forums and I hear runs from time to time, but I think he said he has been busy lately.If there’s any other names you remember from the old forums you want to know what happened to, just let me know and I’ll tell you what I know. As it is, there’s far too many names to go into :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome, thanks man. I’m gonna go catch up on all the times so far and install that modified thing. :smiley:

QUOTE (Chomp)4. Who here remembers me? Does lightningx still run, i don’t see his name on any of the current demos and he was pretty fast? Has anyone changed their name that I might recognize? thanks.Of course I remember you! :smiley: Btw: Aren’t you a member on HLF aswell? I see you there all the time…IF you are that Chomp guy :PQUOTE (MaximuS-X)but I think he said he has been busy lately.Nah, I just haven’t updated Source in a while…I got a huge update waiting for me but I’m getting my ADSL-modem soon…besides I’m pretty darn lazy, sorry :frowning: Welcome back to the team Chomp!!

Couple more things:1. Canals looks fucking sweet so far!2. How do you do super fast ladder climbing? I’ve watched the demos up to ravenholm and noticed that up the elevator shaft.

welcome back mate :slight_smile:

Super fast ladder climbing:Push AutoHotKey-button+Crawl+Up on ladder = Fly up ladder B) (AutoHotKey is the jump script, and the time-amount between the jumps should be set to 1ms in the script)

You don’t need autohotkey to go up ladders fast, it just helps make it faster. You can alternatively just spam jump and duck fast while on a ladder, or make a button with HL2 script out of +jump -duck if you want and spam that.

Welcome back.I hope you will chip in and make some runs.

Hey, I used to be on the old forums… I don’t remember if my name was Transgenic or DemonStrate. The 2 things I did was remind you guys that you can fly with objects (this was a huge improvement to the speed running). I also helped on the one airboat map. I made the first demo of actually being able to clear the wall (you had to hit the rocks on the ground at the correct angle). It was the map where you normally had to build that stupid ramp device with the blue barrels with air in them :-p. Anyway, I just check up on how this is doing from time to time. I hope this gets completed. Talked to JumpTheLightning (which is that Lightning guys AIM name). He isnt actively with it anymore, but he got me the link to these temp forums. I hope this project gets completed. It would kill me to see it die :’(.

Yeah, I looked it up. It seems my name for the old forum was Transgenic. Anyway, here is my original upcomings:…ransgenic&hl=enWhich was because of this post on HL2World:http://www.hl2world.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=20375& Which the link with the flying.rar demos still works. (old demos though :-P).Hehe. Whatever. Bye.

when you posted about flying on the forum, I thought “wow, this gonna ruin every cool trick we found so far” at first. then I was kinda lost motivation to running hl2 and eventually my pc got broken :stuck_out_tongue: but now, look at the phase 2 demos. it’s a great mix of gravjump, rampjump, bhop, and flying! so I must thank you for introducing another trick to hl2dq.btw welcome back. I wish more old members come back :slight_smile:

I remember you pulling that airboat jump off, good work.Yeah, I didnt think flying was that fun either but now when we have runned about 60% of the maps we came to the conclution that flying is too slow to use effectivly so flying is pretty rare. (rare enough to not get bored by it).Its nice to see old members drop by. The community is alive.