I can't objectboost properly


Hi. I’m trying to learn HL1 basics, but I ran to a problem. When I try to object boost in c1a1c to the Office Complex elevator, I can’t get enough speed. I always get max ~860 ups. I’m running on NGHL. Any tips to make it work for me?


Make sure you using atleast 100 fps. Also you should be able to get 2000 ups without jumping at all, so only using one strafe key (A/D) and using E (+use). I think the most common problem is that +use is held for too long so when +use is no longer affecting the box and +use is held, you’ll lose all your speed immediately.

I’d recommend to have a save where the only input required is for the object boost itself and then practice only using the A/D + E input timing. When you get speed consistently, start adding the jump but jump late on purpose and try to jump sooner and sooner and find what works best for you.


Thank you very much! I was holding the +use key for too long, but I didn’t even notice. It works like a charm now.