I can't download source unpack from mega


in my country, the max ammount possible to download from mega is 1.5 GB and the source unpack is 2 GB, is there another way of downloading it?


Hi, have you managed to sort this out yet?


You should try downloading it from chrome if you are not doing that or installing the mega agent and download with that.


i do have it installed but it doesn’t make any difference, all it does is download faster than the browser.


can you make a dropbox link or something like that?


4shared, mediafire, etc


I’ll look at getting a mirror of it up soon


Here you go:


I suggest using something like Free Download Manager to download it, so you can resume it if it gets interrupted.


it’s working but is taking a while aaaaa


weird, it instantly competed the download and now says it has only 27MB


now my computer says it’s a virus


I think it says that because it’s a self-extracting archive, which is probably a common technique for malware too.
Like I said, try downloading it using free download manager because if it encounters a problem it will continue from where it was stopped.