''Howto'' Commentary


Hi there,
Yeah when I was listening to the audio commentary for DWaHMoV you mentioned that you will do an explaination video, is that still happening?


Yep, I’m working on that, but it’s going to be some time to make it, as there’s a lot to go over.


Explanation Video/Audio Commentary hasn’t even been done for Portal Done Pro er.

We’re a lazy group of people.


To be fair (even though it was planned to get finished sometime during the summer), this time it seems like work is actually going to start again on the explanation video for DWaHMoV.

I think we pretty much have all our parts assigned, we “just” need to look through it all and write some sort of script, note what parts need to be slowed down/highlighted/replayed etc., send it all to Jared who edits everything together and then we’ll have a kick-ass of an explanation video all finished and ready to get uploaded!